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      Axola Mavumbe, a true Gemini in every sense with a bubbly personality that is always accompanied by a warm smile, yet an attentive, serious and thoughtful side that comes through quite often. She loves everything Entrepreneurship, Women Empowerment and Africa.

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      So I am a Capetonian, you know the South Easter wind? I aim to blow your mind like that. - I love fashion and writing poetry. I think I am funny but know i'm not- want to hear a flow joke? A river!

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MFM Kom Ons Braai Span

Hi MFM’er

So die mense wat Kom Ons Braai reel het vir MFM gekontak om te hoor of ons ‘n MFM span bymekaar kan sit. As daar 6 mense wat beskikbaar en gretis is om deel te neem kontak my asb so gou moontelik sodat ek die reelings kan tref.


MFM 92.6

January 19th, 2018

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