Tough Love – Darkest Hour

Tough Love – Darkest Hour

I was very excited to watch this film after I watched Dunkirk last week; since this film follows the story of Winston Churchill during the same time – World War II, May 1940. It however shows the political side of the war, where Dunkirk showed the frontline aspect.

That said, I was disappointed by the film.

Although it was historically accurate and a lot of effort went into the accuracy of the time, in terms of costumes and set; I personally I found it boring. I hate to say it but it’s the war film my dad forced me to sit through on Sunday movie nights – long and confusing.

It’s not only negatives though, Gary Oldman gives a truly amazing performance as Churchill; I would watch the film again simply to witness his commitment to the character!

With all that said I also have to commend the producers on their planning, as the release date of the film played in favour with the interest peaked by the release of Dunkirk not long before.

However, when we talk about an Oscar nominated film; can the most impressive thing really be the release date? You decide.


Written by Marilize du Plessis

MFM 92.6

February 20th, 2018

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