• 01:00-04:00

    Nightshift 01:00-04:00

    • Kerona

      Kerona is a laid back hip hop enthusiast from Johannesburg with a passion for all things in the arts and entertainment. Majoring in Visual Communication and Design at Stellenbosch University, so being unconventional is nothing new.

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    • Lucian

      Nostalgic 90's kid, who loves watching cartoons, attending comic cons and dancing to the beat of life. Oh and he loves peanut butter.

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  • 04:00-06:00

    Morning Glory 04:00-06:00

  • 06:00-10:00

    Breakfast 06:00-10:00

    • Tumi

      Tumi is a proud Pedi Capetonian who was born and bred in Mitchell's Plain. This sassy presenter is a good mix of being motherly, fun and determined to achieve everything she sets her mind to. Her motto is "Don't wish for it, Work for it" which she's lived by for most of her life boasting the fact she was the Head Girl of her primary school and High school among other amazing achievements.

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    • Nico

      As the older one in the team, Nic Mans has travelled to over thirteen countries where he has experienced new and interesting cultures and has pushed himself to new frontiers.From backpacking and island hopping in Asia to finding history lessons and admiring architecture in Europe and seeing the great spaces in North America, Nic has been on different soil for over three years and did it all.Tune in to the station to hear his diverse take on topics and share a laugh now and then!

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  • 10:00-12:00

    Am2Pm 10:00-12:00

    • Tyrone

      Tyrone is an interesting character, having completed his undergraduate majoring in English and Philosophy at Stellenbosch University and now doing an English honours, he may think a little too much about things but despite that he always aims to have as much fun as possible. His honours thesis is on the poetry within Hip Hop so he’s kind of like that really cool English teacher you wish you had. He does like to consider himself somewhat of a Master of Ceremonies and Entrepreneur, having MC’d bands like Beatenberg and having run his own website for a time. He is someone to talk to and would love to talk to you.

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  • 12:00-14:00

    Half-Time 12:00-14:00

    • Cato

      Cato's parents are fairly strict and she often heard as a kid: "pull up your socks" or as they said in Afrikaans: "trek jou sokkies op". She was lucky, born and bred in the wonderful nature setup of Hogsback, where everyday lifestyle was adventurous. As Cato grew up her taste for adventure grew, diversified and matured and now she lives adventure both professionally and privately through her radio and TV career. Cato certainly is no couch potato and is always on the move.

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  • 14:00-16:00

    Lunch 14:00-16:00

    • Celest

      Saying she has a "zest for life" does not entirely justify nor describe who Celest Anthony is. Being the only child has never stopped her from devoting a big part of herself to helping others. Born and raised in the Stellenbosch, she finds her passion in helping to develop and better the community. At the age of 25, she is currently on the road to obtaining her BA degree in Social Work, along with previous qualifications in community development and trauma counseling. Celest enjoys filming and watching documentaries, reading and spoken word. Her eccentric and extroverted nature is what makes her relatable and her determination and independence is what keeps her going each and every day. A dose of Celest a day is sure to keep the doctor away.

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  • 16:00-19:00

    The Drive 16:00-19:00

    • Nathaniel

      Nathaniel is a 5th year student trying to make beautiful radio. He loves music and when he's not DJing, he loves making it himself. he is married to Mother Nature, sorry ladies, as he is an avid hiker and enjoys the thrills of the outdoors.

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    • Gaby

      Gaby is a BSc Sport and Exercise Science graduate. She is Cape Town born and Joburg bred. Her bubbly personality and positive vibe can fill any room. Gaby is a free spirit who has a great love for music, especially house music, sport and the Kardashians. She is a true student of the radio game, her passion and enthusiasm for the media form runs deep, both as a listener and as an on air persona. Gaby brings a light hearted-ness to our line-up that allows people to relate and engage.

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  • 21:00-01:00

    The Drop 21:00-01:00

    • Lee

      An avid sports lover, and talented DJ with a qualification in audio engineering and audio production. Big aspirations to become a top radio producer and sports journalist/sports news reader.

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  • 19:00-22:00

    Detour 19:00-22:00

    • Cher

      Cher hails from Cape Town, aims to conquer the influencer journey to market herself to the world.

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