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    • Wilné

      Wilné is a massive rock fan and you will most likely see her with her earphones plugged in. Due to being a very passionate and excitable person she is prone to fangirl. Drag queens fascinate her as she admires their talent and envy their confidence. (She is still trying to learn how to vogue). She believes that kindness is like a stone dropped into water; it has a ripple effect. It is one way she knows how to help make the world a better place. Loves being metal in a plastic society (dares to be different) and this can be heard on her show.

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The Hunting Party

The Hunting Party
Rap, Rock
Release date
13 June 2014
Linkin Park
The Hunting Party
13 June 2014 | Rap, Rock

After critisism that their previous two albums (A Thousand Suns & Living Things) strayed too far from their original sound as heard in Hybrid Theory and Meteora, this super-band just proved everybody wrong.

If you are a fan of heavy guitar riffs, blended together with fast-paced drums and vocals that can almost be compared to melodic metal, then this is definitely for you.

The opening track, ‘Keys To The Kingdom’, gives you an instant rush of adrenaline via Chester’s screaming and prepares you to head-bang harder than a toddler being asked if he wants some cookies.

The only negative thing I can say about this whole album, is that the album sleeve is unnecessary complicated to fold.