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    • Stephan

      Stephen is a plate of fact, fun and laughter. He loves motivating others, loves giving his opinion, giving advise (even if it's sometimes bad advice, but hey it adds to passion for entertainment) and always aspire to be an escape clause from life's harshest moments while making you feel as best as can one flow joke at a time.

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    • Yonela

      An Industrial Psychology student at Stellenbosch University. I am a people’s person, a food enthusiast and I have an abnormal obsession with Twitter. I believe in living out loud, being your authentic self and that there is no problem that a cup of coffee cannot solve. I am all about great music, good vibes, interesting conversations and everything in between.

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    • Naledi

      A passionate young lady full of all kinds of drama from Johannesburg, bringing all kinds of energy and a huge vibe to the heart of Stellenbosch. Being a huge fan of an array of music genres and an avid dancer, she promises to serve you all the sorts of fun entertainment and music at all times. "What a time to be alive", that's her spirit of the game!

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Tough Love from the Detour

Tough Love from the Detour

Oscars are right around the corner and since the Detour loves to hand out some tough love, we are turning our sights to the films nominated for Best Picture. With only 5 weeks to get through 9 films we will be reviewing 2 films per week, giving you some our thoughts and opinions on the works and rating out of 10.

We will then make a prediction about who we feel deserves to win the coveted prize. Join us on this journey, every Wednesday at 21:30 on the Detour with Marecia and Marilize.

Follow us on social media and let us know of any remarks you might have regarding the films.


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February 9th, 2018

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