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    House Warming 00:00-03:00

    • Unathi

      Unathi was born in a farm at Barkley East (EC). He then was moved to a village just between two small towns of Maclear and Mt. Fletcher when he was about a year old. He grew up in various areas transiting from Farm - Village - Township - Suburbs and back to Ekasi. I am a first born a very humbled laid back guy. I am a Rural boy though I grew up from different parts of the Mzansi. People usually don't differentiate Unathi from Mnesh. Mnesh a club DJ to be started existing from within as far as in 1998 but I ignored him back then. He then forced his way out after I completed my matric in 2006. I then started working seriously upon him by 2012 and eventually established himself in 2013 at MFM. Mnesh is a radio personality and Unathi is a simple shy guy whom you come across every now and then on the streets of Mzansi.

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    Morning Glory 03:00-06:00

    • Vicki

      Although I know the serious happenings in the world (and especially in South Africa) there’s nothing I love more than to have a good laugh. I’m all about positivity and not taking life too seriously. I love bizarre stories. Although I am a girl, I have trouble being one and therefore find myself as one of the boys – making silly jokes and doing (incredibly) silly and risky things. I am a combination of YOLO and FOMO which leads to me testing the YOLO limits. Ultimately Radio is my passion, and it is what drives me. After “soul searching “since I left high school I have now decided that this is it for me – the Radio industry is my home.

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    Weekend Breakfast 06:00-10:00

    • Sherlin

      Sherlin Barends is a bold, bald, bootylicious and bubbly presenter, who has been with the station for almost four years. Like style icon Marilyn Monroe she believes that when you give a girl the right shoes, she can conquer the world.

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    • Robin

      I love traveling and meeting new people. You'll find me somewhere in Europe in a random nightclub during June/July holidays. I always get asked on and off air if I'm on a unknown super drug because I always have a overdose of energy. If theres' one thing I love it would be summer dance/club music!! Summer + people + music + traveling = ME

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    FrequenC 09:00-12:00

    • Alwin

      Alwin Mabuza is an ambitious BComm Management Sciences student who has strong interpersonal and leadership qualities. He has a deep desire and a will to solve problems and constantly strives to better himself each and every day by learning from mistakes to add to his experience. As a passionate person Alwin is not afraid to give himself wholeheartedly to any task he sets his sights on. He lives life with the knowledge that reality is bigger than he is. He lives life not for the moment, but with the future in mind.

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    Timewarp 10:00-12:00

    • Donovan

      Short bio about DJ (no more than 100 words): I am a fun loving, energetic guy who loves entertaining and being entertained. Always up for a party and generally just happy! I feed off music from almost every genre and i love to portray that in my shows. Old school is best!

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    • Petri

      Born in the 80's in Mpumalanga, I currently call Cape Town home. I was introduced to MFM during my years of being a Student in the Matie kingdom, and have been addicted since. In 2011 I became a presenter at MFM and have been hanging around the Neelsie since then. I have an unsatisfiable hunger for music. The first thing I do in the morning is turn on the radio, because I find myself unable to move without music.

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    Weekend Drive 14:00-17:00

    • Nane

      Stellenbosch born and bred with a love for punnies, undiscovered artists, and anything with icing. Spend some time with the first person to ever rap the lyrics of Ice Ice Baby backwards and take a sneak peak into the good life for four hours of the week!

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    • Jessica

      I matriculated from Stellenberg High school in ’09 without the slightest idea of what I wanted to do with my life. After a gap year and the realisation that I have always had a love for radio, I found MFM 92.6. From the Drive show last year to the Worldwide Top 40 this year, as well as a sponsored feature on the Detour show (The Mugg & Bean Celeb Lounge), it is safe to say that I love what I do. MFM also provided me with the opportunity to DJ at Nu’bar and you will find me there 2-4 times per week!

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    • Louis

      Louis is an energetic presenter that gets his power from the beard that he is so proud of and in which he finds his joy. Having a passion for media and the community makes working at MFM 92.6 the perfect location for him to get involved. Louis has a love for music in all genres but sometimes struggles when a One Direction song starts to play. He enjoys long strolls on the beach and the occasional Whitney Houston power ballad to get him motivated.

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    World Wide Top 40 17:00-21:00

    • Candice

      Fun, quirky and witty. I am energetic and dynamic and enjoy having the opportunity to speak to hundreds of people at once. I believe radio should be light-hearted and entertaining, but that thee should always be a new take on every current event. Besides radio, I would like to one day change the world as a neurosurgeon working for Doctors without borders.

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    Big Chill 21:00-00:00

    • Andrea

      Andrea has got her mind set on becoming a journalist and sometimes wonders why on earth she was crazy enough to do so. Put her in the middle of a game of 30 Seconds, and she'll love you for it. Quirky, precise and energetic, she thrives on just the right amount of planning and spontaneity each day.

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