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  • 01:00-03:00

    Outer Limits 01:00-03:00

    • Victor

      Born and raised in the mountain kingdom of Lesotho, he is here to deliver your news and to give you a dose of insane personality. Victor studies BSc Mathematical Science, he is inappropriately honest and loves talking.

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  • 03:00-06:00

    Morning Glory 03:00-06:00

  • 10:00-14:00

    MFM Top 40 10:00-14:00

    • Arnold

      Chronic FOMO-sufferer & QuizUp Web Culture SA Champion of June 2014. Yes, I am that guy. I browse the internet way too much looking for pictures of startled cats while listening to some weird indie-rock-electro-hip-hop. I can talk about music for hours on end and I rarely lose friends because of it. I live according to the great and wise maxim of “If not, why not?” It’s the perfect way to experience new things. If you ever see me around (I’ll be the guy with the earphones and shades) don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation - don’t want to brag, but I know how to pause music. “As dit klank is waarna jy soek, dink ek jy’s op die regte plek”

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  • 14:00-17:00

    Weekend Drive 14:00-17:00

    • Cher

      Born and Fledged in Cape Town. I’m currently studying BSc Biodiversity and Ecology, however I am an absolute fashion lover and aspiring TV personality. Life Philosophy : Confusion is key, #Androgyny.

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  • 17:00-19:00

    527 17:00-19:00

    • Athina

      Athina Jansen is very passionate about the arts. Any form of art captures her attention and she will try her best to accomplish and explore it. As a radio personality she strives to be entertaining & energetic. She is outspoken & known as the short girl with the loud mouth. Athina is outgoing & adventures, always trying to avoid a "comfortzone". She loves working in the community and making sure she is part of a change. She is what you see, willing, open and friendly. You'll remember her with this phrase "veilig wees en Mooi bly"

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  • 19:00-21:00

    Crossfade 19:00-21:00

    • Barron

      Barron brings a very different and fresh approach to the MFM line-up. He currently anchors the Breakfast Show from 6-10am, Mon-Fri. With his vibrant personality, great sense of humour, charm and contagious laugh he stands out from the crowd. He is a natural broadcasting talent and shows his passion by getting involved in all the different aspects of broadcasting whether it be behind the scenes or on-air.

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  • 21:00-01:00

    Big Party 21:00-01:00

    • Nwabisa

      Born and bred in Eastern Cape, this loud, fun and funny miss will kick start your day the B-E-A-UTIFUL way. Nwabisa is an absolute lover of music, dance, drama and laughter. With many talents, big dreams and tv aspirations, this woman brings the flava on the airwaves. She is all about the thug life, corny jokes and all things awesome- a guaranteed never-a-dull-moment show!

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    • Judy

      Judy is a BA Language and culture student, aspiring broadcast journalist and secretly wishes she was Oprah’s daughter. She does pretty decent Trevor Noah impersonations and she just can’t get enough of Solange Knowles. One day she hopes to travel through Africa.

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