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    Outerlimits 00:00-03:00

    • Jody

      I'm hilariously dry and have a love for music!

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    • Blaine

      A nomad, born in the Eastern Cape raised in the Pollution Jungle and living in the Bosch. Studying Marketing Postgrad. Im an enthusiast for social and musical exchange, I spend most of my days revelling nostalgia. Rock n' Roll matters to me.

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    Morning Glory 03:00-06:00

    • Corlia

      I was Raised on a farm just outside Klerksdorp in the the North West Province. Both my parents studied at Stellenbosch, and I also wanted to have that experience to go far away from home to meet new people. I have a huge passion for the Arts, and am currently doing my third and Final year of Drama at the US. I sometimes laugh at my own jokes and mistakes (just kidding, I always do that), because I believe that life should NEVER be taken too seriously.

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    Weekend Breakfast 06:00-10:00

    • Dijan

      Fun, energetic and honest. Stating the obvious is always fun. If I do not go to gym on a daily basis I become a cranky baby. Where is my protein?

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    • El-Jay

      Future presidential candidate. Retired choir-girl. Current student. Forever "Jesus Freak". I love laughing and I think peanut butter is the best thing since and on sliced bread. Music is what feeds my soul though. Children should be taken seriously more, they are hilarious! I'm probably older than I look...

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    Mfm Top 40 10:00-12:00

    • Jean

      Radio Presenter, Student (University of Life), Sport Fanatic - I am a very positive person and see myself as an entrepreneur one day making a difference in this amazing continent called Africa. I am very proud to be part of the Mfm Team. I believe life is all about timing and if the right opportunity comes your way you have to take it.

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  • 14:00-17:00

    Weekend Drive 14:00-17:00

    • Andy

      Andy is a young, vibrant DJ whose skills speak for themselves. Although likes to be under the radar, knows how deliver you what you need.

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    Homegrown 17:00-19:00

    • S’thembile

      Music fanatic,commentator of politics, drink a lot of whiskey and have a huge passion for people. I have a thing for cars, especially with V8 engines. I have a terrible addiction to Geordie Shore and in face ratchet TV in general, but that one is top of the list.

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    • Nicola

      I am a strawberry-blonde Drama student who has the greatest desire to make a success out of my life as a South African. I have the biggest love for South Africa and its people, beauty and culture. I love listening to indie music, reading Mahala.co.za and simply meditating on the daily joys of being a Stellies student. The blessing that it is to live in such a magnificent town is unfathomable. I have a new found love for beat mixing, wild EDM tracks and seeing the joy that good music brings to people. I am an avid festival goer, onesie wearer, Liverpool supporter, peanut butter eating, ginger bundle of joy and I live my life according to a lesson my Mum taught me at a very young age – TO BE BOLD.

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    Crossfade 19:00-21:00

    • Cherwin

      Born and Fledged in Cape Town. I’m currently studying BSc Biodiversity and Ecology, however I am an absolute fashion lover and aspiring TV personality. Life Philosophy : Confusion is key, #Androgyny.

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    Big Party 21:00-00:00

    • Louis

      Hi, my Name is Louis, and I like to party. I am an avid music enthusiast, especially the type that is played by instruments, and not laptops. I have developed, however, a big love for alternative house, and sophisticated EDM. I am a musician, Radio presenter and Engineering student. Full time creative, part time asshole. Adventurer by day. Beer connoisseur by night. I enjoy the outdoors, being active, and living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. If you are not living on the edge, you are taking up too much space. I occasionally like to listen to, and write jungle-boogy-folk.

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