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    House Warming 00:00-03:00

    • Unathi

      Unathi was born on a farm at Barkley East (EC). He then was moved to a village just between two small towns of Maclear and Mt. Fletcher when he was about a year old. He grew up in various areas transiting from Farm - Village - Township - Suburbs and back to Ekasi. I am a first born a very humbled laid back guy. I am a Rural boy though I grew up from different parts of the Mzansi. People usually don't differentiate Unathi from Mnesh. Mnesh, a club DJ to be, started existing from within as far as in 1998 but I ignored him back then. He then forced his way out after I completed my matric in 2006. I then started working seriously upon him by 2012 and eventually established himself in 2013 at MFM. Mnesh is a radio personality and Unathi is a simple shy guy whom you come across every now and then on the streets of Mzansi.

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    • Mamohau

      Hailing all the way from the land of gheys, trackpants and white takkies, this fully-fledged Benoni girl will bring the glory to your Sunday morning. With her charming voice, passion for people, hungry mind and electric personality, Mamohau believes the best accessory a girl can have is confidence, and that is exactly what she brings. Currently a law student at SU, Mamohau thrives on all things enriching and expressive and is famous for her skilful way of dancing like no one is watching. Catch a dose of the verve and smile while you still have teeth!

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    Timewarp and Chief News Anchor 12:00-15:00

    • Vicki

      Although I know the serious happenings in the world (and especially in South Africa) there’s nothing I love more than to have a good laugh. I’m all about positivity and not taking life too seriously. I love bizarre stories. Although I am a girl, I have trouble being one and therefore find myself as one of the boys – making silly jokes and doing (incredibly) silly and risky things. I am a combination of YOLO and FOMO which leads me to testing the YOLO limits. Ultimately Radio is my passion, and it is what drives me. After “soul searching “since I left high school, I have now decided that this is it for me – the Radio industry is my home.

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    Weekend Drive 16:00-19:00

    • Robin

      I love traveling and meeting new people. You'll find me somewhere in Europe in a random nightclub during June/July holidays. I always get asked on and off air if I'm on a unknown super drug because I always have a overdose of energy. If theres' one thing I love it would be summer dance/club music!! Summer + people + music + traveling = ME

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    • Corlia

      I was Raised on a farm just outside Klerksdorp in the the North West Province. Both my parents studied at Stellenbosch, and I also wanted to have that experience to go far away from home to meet new people. I have a huge passion for the Arts, and am currently doing my third and Final year of Drama at the US. I sometimes laugh at my own jokes and mistakes (just kidding, I always do that), because I believe that life should NEVER be taken too seriously.

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    World Wide Top 40 19:00-21:00

    • Cher

      Born and Fledged in Cape Town. I’m currently studying BSc Biodiversity and Ecology, however I am an absolute fashion lover and aspiring TV personality. Life Philosophy : Confusion is key, #Androgyny.

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    • Nicola

      I am a strawberry-blonde Drama student who has the greatest desire to make a success out of my life as a South African. I have the biggest love for South Africa and its people, beauty and culture. I love listening to indie music, reading Mahala.co.za and simply meditating on the daily joys of being a Stellies student. The blessing that it is to live in such a magnificent town is unfathomable. I have a new found love for beat mixing, wild EDM tracks and seeing the joy that good music brings to people. I am an avid festival goer, onesie wearer, Liverpool supporter, peanut butter eating, ginger bundle of joy and I live my life according to a lesson my Mum taught me at a very young age – TO BE BOLD.

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    Big Chill 22:00-01:00

    • Mirandi

      Mirandi hails from the Northern Cape in Kimberley, but there is no “Big Hole” in her personality. She's currently studying BPhil Journalism at the University of Stellenbosch and finds delight in the media industry. She loves playing with words, wearing her collection of leather shoes, picking flowers, detail and sweating it out in hot yoga. She'd rather skip a meal to afford the next vintage dress...which is usually thrifted or stolen from her gran's closet. No need to skip that meal then...or the glass of wine! Catch her every Sunday from 21:00 on the #BigChill!

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