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    • Wilné

      Wilné is a massive rock fan and you will most likely see her with her earphones plugged in. Due to being a very passionate and excitable person she is prone to fangirl. Drag queens fascinate her as she admires their talent and envy their confidence. (She is still trying to learn how to vogue). She believes that kindness is like a stone dropped into water; it has a ripple effect. It is one way she knows how to help make the world a better place. Loves being metal in a plastic society (dares to be different) and this can be heard on her show.

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      Gaby Werner-KFM 

                                                                                      Celeste Anthony-Goodhope FM

                                                                                                      Barron Hufkie- KFM

                                                                                                          Cato Bekker -VIA

                                                                                                  Sean Loots – Magic FM

                                                                                 Elma Smit- Supersport/Jacaranda FM
                                                                                                     Chanel Lotz- Bok Radio

                                                                                                Lee Davidse- Supersport

                                                                                                    Sherlin Barend- Kfm

                                                                                         Zoe Brown- Expresso Show/ Kfm

                                                                                                     Lesley Piet- Heart FM
                                                                                            Wesley Gabriels- Supersport

Renaldo Schwarp- Jacaranda FM

Cato Louw – EWN & Supersport


Mamohau Seseabe- KFM

Andy Maqondwana- 947

Carla Mackenzie

Carla Mackenzie- Jacaranda FM

JM Henning- Smile FM


Sethu Mbuli- The Queens Young Leader Award Winner