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    Morning Glory 04:00-06:00

    • Marecia

      Marecia is currently doing her 2nd year in BA Language and Culture at Stellenbosch University. She is passionate about people and giving back to the community. In her spare time, she tutors learners at Ikaya Primary School who struggle with Maths and English. Lastly, she loves art, music, good food, drinking tea and hanging out with her dog.

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    Weekend Breakfast 06:00-10:00

    • Marilize

      Marilize is a fun-loving, party animal that lives by the following key facts of life. Time spent watching a good film is never wasted time. Puns are not over-rated. Coffee is life. Exercise was invented so we can eat more! … Oh and in the wise words of Florence Foster Jenkins, “They may say I can’t sing, but they can never say I didn’t sing.”

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    MFM Top 40 10:00-14:00

    • Emma

      Emma is someone you can usually find with a smile on her face, whatever she may be doing. She is a lover of the arts, people, and local music, and when she's not on air you will find her, realistically in the library, but dreaming of adventures with the people she loves most. She is currently a BA Humanities student at Stellenbosch University and was previously the deputy headgirl of La Rochelle Girls' High (2015).

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    527 17:00-19:00

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    Crossfade 19:00-21:00

    • Tumelo

      Seahle also known as Seah, is that laid back dude who is probably the number one contender on your best friend wish list. He is always game for a good time, and sharing his sometimes dark, sometimes awkward, and sometimes cheesy sense of humor, making him an easy guy to get along with. A huge fan of music, but mostly a do or die hip hop fan, who is known to flip his lid when a hard and heavy hip-hop or trap beat drops, or he can be caught air drumming to some smooth jazz.

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    Big Party 21:00-01:00

    • Kelly

      Kelly-Jane is a proud representative of the Eastern Cape. Her down-to-earth and hardworking attitude is a testament to her farm upbringing. She enjoys a of bit banter and simply loves all things pineapple (except on pizza). She is currently a 3rd year BA Humanities student at Stellenbosch University and aspires to study a post-graduate Honours degree in Journalism. She is career orientated and is determined to make an impact in the radio/TV industry. Captivating, engaging and relating with the listener is her #1 goal. She wants to chat with YOU.

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    • Vonani

      Vonani is a buoyant lover of music, dance, travelling and live performances. She is currently studying towards her BA Honours in Journalism at Stellenbosch University and has obtained her undergraduate degree in International Studies at the same institution. Vonani is often described as straightforward by the people around her. She is an advocate for justice and loves to keep up with current affairs.

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  • Weekend Drive

    • Byron

      He's a vocalist, model and actor with a love for cooking, baking, the arts and creative world. In summary, a 'Jack of all trades' and surely the master of more than one! Byron Steve McKeith is no stranger to the entertainment industry. He boasts with drama training at the prestigious University of Stellenbosch, an impressive singing career - having partaken in competitions such as SA's Got Talent and Cape Town Has Talent.

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Lauren Dold

Lauren Dold

A current third year BA Language and Culture student, Lauren has a love for language (she prefers puns intended), for history, and for reading. Hailing from Hoedspruit Limpopo, Lauren is a lover of nature and conservation, and is happiest on evenings in the Lowveld. An aspirant journalism student, writing is another passion of hers, as well as travelling and recording her experiences. Other hobbies include daytime-napping, midnight-snacking and driving round the block for as long as it takes to avoid having to parallel park. A new member of the MFM team, tune in to get to know her a little better.


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